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If y'all haven't already seen, I've entered UK television channel E4's E Stings competition 2013, with a rather silly evolution-themed animation. It's fun and educational! Let me know what you think, plus like, share and subscribe for more long-form things in the future (hopefully).

Every year (or so), E4 invites creators to produce their own ten second branded stings (or 'E Stings', if you will), from which a group of winners are chosen to be broadcast regularly on air between programmes. You can watch my effort below via YouTube, or on Vimeo, if you prefer. Then head to my website or Newgrounds for some little animation process breakdowns in GIF form!

You can see more fantastic entries over on E4's competition page, and go check out the full gamut of my animation output on deviantART below the video...
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It's #FollowFriday! Give me a cheeky follow and I'll tweet you a little #doodle...

In the spirit of Follow Friday, I'll be tweeting mini doodles to anyone and everyone who follows my Twitter feed mushonastick over the course of today, as well as quite possibly following you back (if you're cool enough).

At long last, here's my Flash animated competition entry for Animate Chapman which was unfortunately never submitted due to exporting issues at the time. Now, thanks to a full day of troubleshooting and Newgrounds' recent SWF to video converter Swivel, it's finally online!

Plus, you can watch it on YouTube, Vimeo and Newgrounds, so y'know, there's no excuse.
What time is it? That's right, it's shameless plug time! Just a little shout out to let y'all know that as well as taking an arty dump both here and on Tumblr, I'm also all over those Facebook and Twitter things like a rash.

You can like the former at, and follow the latter at, for more frequent updates, stuff I like from around the web and little sneaky peeks at various works in progress. T'would be very super awesome if you went and checked those out.
New Year was near but now it's here, you hear? So, over the past few months I've been making my transition from hobbyist to actual genuine freelance artist and designer - the first fruits of which I'll hopefully be able to post up soon. In the mean time however, here's me first update of 2013...

Firstly, I've been busy producing logos, letterheads, Facebook and Twitter page designs, T-shirt graphics and business cards for various clients, with more in the pipeline; so if you want something doing, get in touch!

On the downside, I've also been working on-and-off on an animation for the Animate Chapman competition from the recent film, A Liar's Autobiography: The Untrue Story of Monty Python's Graham Chapman. I know - where's the downer there, right?

Well, the combination of my crappy little laptop and Adobe Flash's less than adequate exporting capabilities meant that I couldn't successfully submit it via YouTube. Still, I got a lovely lot of animation experience under my belt, and I'm sure it'll turn up in a showreel of some kind one day.

What's in store for 2013, then? Besides more freelance jobs, a very silly new illustration of mine is getting printed in the upcoming debut issue of FORGE art magazine sometime soon, and I'll hopefully be releasing a few more products on Redbubble and Society6, as well as a new animation or two later in the year. Plus there's also some illustrations from an as yet unpublished children's book on their way.

Finally, if you're one of those crazy people who enjoys my nonsense, go ahead and like me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter for more regular updates on my work. In fact, make that your New Year's resolution, yeah?

Peace out.
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Do your duty.

So, eight months have flown by since first opened way back on May Day 2011, hosted by Wordpress, but with the new year rolling in, it felt like time for a move.

With an increased uni workload and a flurry of side projects, I'd been finding it increasingly difficult to write up a full review for the latest episode of Doctor Who, or even get through any new Threadless submissions.

Tumblr has also risen through the ranks in the past year and blossomed into a thriving community of designers and slackers alike; its fast, easy micro blogging system will hopefully make for more frequent updates.

Alternatively, you can still see the old site's full archive over here.

See you around, yeah?
You heard me right. After 8 weeks of submitting T-shirt designs to Threadless with low-to-moderate success, I've now got my own shop over on

After seeing my designs on deviantART, the lovely people at Fibers picked me up as one of their showcased artists. So, now I've got myself a branded store, where four of my most popular designs are now up for sale from $24.99 (around £15) each.

Click on the link below to… well, buy my shit. There are details of all four designs and links to purchase them on They've got a veritable smorgasbord of great artists over there, so feel free to fill your boots.

It turns out all that frantic plugging of these things has paid off, eh? I've had several other very interesting people contact me over the past few days, but more on that story later (presumably).

Whatever you're assuming upon seeing the preview of my latest Threadless design… you're probably right. But I'm only telling it like it is.

This week's submission depicts what really happened between the tortoise and the hare from Aesop's famous fable. That's what happened, I'm afraid; the hare ate the tortoise. What can I say? They're animals.

If you too want to be the voice of truth and wear this image proudly, follow the link below and give it a whacking great score so it's in with a chance of getting printed. People need to know these things, after all.

Doctor Who: Series 6: Let's Kill Hitler


And we're back! With a bang, and a crash… and the greatest war criminal in the universe. And Hitler. And, it would seem, the Numskulls.

In fact, there's so much going on in this first episode of Doctor Who after the summer that you'd be forgiven for getting a little confused. Not in quite the same way as the opening two-parter's sheer melting pot of mystery, but more that Steven Moffat is now juggling more plot strands than he knows what to do with. Fun, though.

Let's begin at the beginning. I understand that some people didn't see the whole Mels-is-actually-Melody-Pond thing coming, or indeed the regeneration-into-River-Song thing, but for me it was more signposted than a… like, a really big… well, it was pretty signposted. She was called Mels, for goodness' sake!

I have no problem with Moffat pulling twist after twist from out of his many humorous hats, but you can't create a plot point out of a character we've only just had hastily introduced to us.

Wow, things just keep getting better and better on the Threadless front; I once again trumped my previous high score with an average of 2.49 out of 5!

With so much support for these T-shirt design submissions, I decided to loosen up and relax a bit for this week's offering. I've let my own (very silly) illustration style come through much more, so I'll be interested to see how it fairs.

I've also submitted "Doctor, Doctor! I have a serious medical condition" as a slogan. To be honest, I'd put my money on the apple.

This isn't another standard update on my Threadless submissions, but an urgent plea for anyone who enjoys my work and wants to help me out to get on over to my latest design and give it some love.

His Wiry Appendage is currently teetering perilously on the edge of the crucial halfway mark at 2.49 out of 5, with just over 12 hours to go.

So, brethren, click the link and lend a hand with a lovely big score (say, 5), and it could be in with a chance of getting printed. Tell your friends, tell your mum. Tell everyone! I'd really appreciate it, yeah?
First up, a big-ass thank you to all those who have been voting on my Threadless designs thus far, giving my two latest submissions respectable average scores of 2.22 each. Keep up the good work!

But now, to this week's updates, and my latest tee tackles one of life's great grievances: your earphones getting all tangled up. What you'll soon realise if you shoot over to Threadless to score it, is that these troublesome wires may actually be a message from our noodly Lord, the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

As for TypeTees, I've submitted a slogan that riffs on the classic "Frankie says relax" T-shirts of the mid-80s, so have fun with that, too. I'll be back from my holiday in sunny Cornwall next week, so expect not only another Threadless update, but a return to Doctor Who reviews after Let's Kill Hitler airs on Saturday 27th.

Another week, another design – but that's not all, folks! Today's blog also comes to you with such a generous helping of self-indulgence that it may well collapse in on itself.

Always struggled to remember how to make the sign of the cross? Well, now I've visualised the handy rhyme of "spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch" in T-shirt form, so you won't get caught short at communion ever again. I've also submitted a new slogan, but enough of all that Threadless stuff – it's time to get personal.


Head in My Hands

Fri Aug 5, 2011, 9:20 AM
And now, it's time for another episode of I've Submitted More Stuff to Threadless, Please Score It. Stay tuned afterwards for the porn you were no doubt watching before this.

This week, be the envy of all the zombies in your neighbourhood with a collage of undead hands that come together to form the image of a skull. I'm just fucking clever like that. It's an instant Halloween hit!

Meanwhile, over on the slogan side of things, kids everywhere are soon going to be sporting the hilarious phrase "If men are from Mars, then where do Martians come from?" on novelty T-shirts. Why, you ask? Because you're going to vote for it. It was my birthday the other day, after all.


Yeah, you guessed right – it's time for another Threadless design. But, I mean, I'm sure you've heard the shock waves it's been making across the internet. Right?

The horse of this blog entry's title is in fact my old A-level Art teacher, whose repeated mantra of "Slap it on!" has now been slapped on a new T-shirt design of mine, specially for the Threadless Loves 3 Words or Less challenge. Give it a 5, yeah?

While we're on the subject of T-shirt slogans (which we are), why not pop by to give this week's word-based submission a thumbs up? After all, who wouldn't proudly wear the phrase "I pushed Jack down the hill" across their chest?

P.S. All those questions are rhetorical.